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Desalination has become the Middle East and other water-scarce areas of the main ways to obtain fresh water. Desalination production methods, the most widely used is a multi-stage flash method, the method is mainly composed of water heating equipment, heat recovery condenser Ministry, the Ministry of the condenser heat output, ventilation and jet condenser and other parts compressor, heat exchange positions with a large number of heat transfer tube, the original copper alloy tube, copper alloy impatience as corrosion, has now been replaced by titanium tubes. One plate heat exchanger, heat exchanger plate used in the materials industry, mainly in stainless steel, titanium and titanium alloys, nickel and nickel alloy cold-rolled sheet. 127 for pure titanium plate heat exchanger, industrial pure titanium and titanium alloys 276, 345 for the tube heat exchanger. And compared with tube heat exchanger manufactured by TA1 titanium plate heat exchanger has many advantages in the market has a strong competitive edge, mainly used in chemical, petroleum, ships, desalination and other heat exchange systems. With the Middle East and Asia market development of electricity and desalination of sea water, the demand for thin-walled titanium pipe will gradually increase, thus boosting demand for titanium, the formation of new economic growth point. Titanium is the preferred desalination equipment, heat exchanger material. Currently, seawater desalination equipment is mainly used titanium heat pipe. Multi-stage flash desalination plant technology is mature, high energy efficiency, 78% of the world’s fresh water is the use made of water evaporation. MSF made the successful development of the device, will make it a near coastal power plant boiler feed water device of choice. Desalination plant in contact with hot water evaporator, evaporation increased salinity. High temperature corrosion of titanium ions, can be widely used for desalination plant evaporator at the same time, chlorine has a strong titanium on corrosion resistance, is the preferred desalination equipment, heat exchanger material. In the titanium material selection, the most widely used industrial pure titanium ASTMGrade2, the fact that other industrial titanium Grade1 and Grade2 in natural water, sea water and various chloride has a special resistance to stress corrosion cracking impacts; the temperature is relatively higher water heaters use a higher corrosion resistance Grade7 or Grade12; Grade16 has a higher corrosion resistance, but the cost more expensive. In addition, water flow rate of 3 ~ 5m / s for titanium desalination equipment, bio-fouling phenomenon is the most minor, titanium heat exchanger fouling factor is about 0.95 to 0.99. TA1 industrial pure titanium seamless pipe used to do flash condenser and the brine heater device heat exchange tubes, tube sheet selected TA1 +16 MnR +316 L-sided composite plate. Titanium clad steel plate can be reduced with the use of titanium and can meet the requirements, lower installation cost. China Nonferrous Metal Research Institute and other units have developed a series of corrosion resistant titanium marine engineering, such as Ti75, Ti31, and Ti631. Plate heat exchangers used in water desalination device. Plate heat exchangers are vapor – liquid type plate condenser and liquid – liquid-type plate heat exchanger types. Various types of heat exchangers have the appropriate product specification factor, according to their technical performance to choose from. In the model specifications, has been to create a large single of heat transfer area 1.28m2, 1.3m2 and other liquid – liquid heat exchanger. This large-scale plate heat exchanger plate appearance size 2.2m 0.81m, thickness is 0.6mm, the maximum combined area of each 350m2. Titanium heat exchanger has been very mature, commonly used titanium tube outer diameter 10 ~ 80mm, wall thickness 0.3 ~ 0.5mm. Increasing demand for coastal fresh water, with the use of marine resources, increased calls to multi-stage flash distillation desalination as the leading large-scale installations (including MSF, ME, VC) the development and production will become a new industries. Addition of a long sea coast and abundant cheap water to the sea to be effective in the future period of time one of our new economic growth point, titanium and titanium alloy applications in the desalination market prospects.