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ABL titanium leadership graciously met all members of European famous titanium company on the visiting afternoon.

We  described in detail and showed them around the factory  on the next day. they  gave a high evaluation for the environment  facilities, technology and working procedure,  production management.

On the third day, ABL titanium leadership make honest communication with their representatives face to face. we and them fully exchanged views on product price, product quality, service and so on. we give them detailed and professional reply for all doubts and their problems. they believe ABL titanium products which expand their business in Europe markets with full confidence, they believe ABL titanium will be a world-renowned brand.

In that afternoon, the European customers  leave our company after satisfactorily conducted a three-day visit. before leaving, they thanks our company once more for the carefully reception and kindly invited us to visit their company if we have the opportunity one day.

Although  the three-day visit is very short, we  felt great harvest. we believe that we would be able to deep and work closely with the European market by this friendly visit.  Europe is far from China in geographically, but the industrial areas are  closely. We believe ABL Titanium must realize the ambition, which make our products have a lead in Europe markets.