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Titanium materials market report 2015

Demand for titanium continues to climb to new highs with worldwide consumption exceeding 70,000 tons per year for the last four years. Industry analysts attribute much of this growth to the aerospace industry as demand continues to grow for newer, more fuel-efficient aircraft.

Titanium for Flue Gas Desulfurization

FGD systems remove sulfur dioxide (SO2) from the exhaust of flue gases in electric power plants that burn coal or oil. RPM Solutions components are specifically designed for dry sorbent injection systems (DSI), or dry scrubbers, that use a slurry of alkaline sorbent, usually limestone or lime.

Method for titanium clad steel

Titanium clad steel parts are welded together by removing the titanium clad from the steel for a sufficient distance to permit welding of the steel without contaminating the titanium, machining into the titanium clad, adjacent to surface from which the titanium clad was removed, a shelf, welding the steel portion with steel to form a steel joint uncovered by titanium the length of the steel weld, applying a titanium strip over said uncovered steel area but not touching the steel area, said titanium strip resting on the titanium shelves of the parts to be welded, and welding said titanium strip to said titanium clad at each side of said strip.

Titanium widespread use in power plant condensers and chemical applications

Electricity demand grew an average of 15,000 megawatts per year from 1995 to 2006, and this trend will undoubtedly continue. The Energy Information Administration predicts that meeting future demands will require the equivalent of more than 20 new 500-MW power plants per year over the next 20 years or so. A critical component in power plant construction is titanium tubing, which is favored for its high strength and corrosion resistance.

Titanium and titanium alloy applications in Sea Water Desalination

Desalination has become the Middle East and other water-scarce areas of the main ways to obtain fresh water. Desalination production methods, the most widely used is a multi-stage flash method, the method is mainly composed of water heating equipment, heat recovery condenser Ministry, the Ministry of the condenser heat output, ventilation and jet condenser and other parts compressor, heat exchange…

Why is Titanium used in aircraft wings?

Aircraft construction utilizes a multitude of different metals. Many of the metals are chosen because they possess the most desirable characteristics for aircraft structures and parts. These qualities are extreme strength, low weight and corrosion resistance, and the ability to withstand high temperatures. Aircraft wings are only one of the structural components that utilize titanium…

ABL Titanium holiday notice for May Day 2015

Departments and related personnel,
According to the national holiday spirit,and combined with our company actual situation, determined by office meeting, the holiday for May Day total 3 days, from 1th, May to 3th, May, 2015…

We accept Bureau Veritas inspection company quality audit

ABL Titanium launched ISO9100:2008 (Quality management systems) certification recently, Now handbook and program files in preparation, after that we need a comprehensive internal audit and management review. Then accept the Bureau Veritas, referred to as BV, with two phases on-site audit…

Commendation Conference for the first quarter 2015

Recently, ABL Titanium company sales department held achievements commendation conference for the first quarter of 2015…

Titanium knowledge lecture was held as scheduled

We held titanium knowledge lecture every year as scheduled. so as to help to expend business, our company sales department held titanium knowledge lecture…